Uncle Vanya

By Anton Chekhov in a new adaptation by Venetia Twigg

Chekhov's tragicomedy in a bittersweet, multi-disciplinary new adaptation. Isolated and beyond help, the weary inhabitants of one country household plunge head over heels in lust when a beautiful stranger arrives.

As the owner announces the estate sale for his own gain, the strains of repression begin to bubble, until Vanya hits boiling point.

Theatrical Niche's acclaimed physical theatre team collaborate with international artist Lily Hunter Green, creating a unique showcase of rural art intertwined with this Russian masterpiece.

An unmissable production of Chekhov's witty observations on the irrational human heart. This modern take on 'Uncle Vanya' highlights the farcical nature of the text whilst showcasing captivating physical work inspired by the decline of the Bee.

Suitable for ages 12+


£15.50 (£13.50)

Groups 6+ £10 + £1.50 booking fee


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