RPO Miniatures (Clarinet & String Quintets)

Sun 16 Feb 3pm        Studio

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Miniatures

Clarinet & String Quintets

WEBER Clarinet Quintet in B-flat major

PROKOFIEV Quintet in G minor

Katy Ayling Clarinet

Tamás András Violin

Sulki Yu Violin

Jonathan Hallett Viola

Naomi Watts Cello

John Roberts Oboe

Ben Wolstenholme Double bass

Audiences are in for a treat in this evening’s chamber concert with two rarely heard musical gems, opening with Weber’s graceful Clarinet Quintet followed by one of Prokofiev’s most playful ballet pieces, incorporating themes from his chamber ballet Trapèze.

Tickets: £18 (Child: £5)


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