RPO - Beethoven: Celebrating 250 Years

Sat 14 March 7.30pm Theatre

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Beethoven: Celebrating 250 Years

BEETHOVEN Fidelio: Overture

BEETHOVEN Piano Concerto No.2

BEETHOVEN Symphony No.6, ‘Pastoral’

Pierre Vallet Conductor

Elizabeth Sombart Piano

Full of adventurous spirit, Beethoven’s Fidelio Overture serves as a lively curtain-raiser in this charming concert that celebrates 250 years since the birth of this great composer.

The concert continues in high spirits with Beethoven’s triumphant Piano Concerto No.2 performed by Elizabeth Sombart and climaxes with Beethoven’s Symphony No.6, ‘Pastoral’; transporting us to pastures green with its charming depictions of country life. Beethoven’s love for nature shines through in this characterful work, with a spinetingling and uplifting final movement that symbolises the calm after the Storm.


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