Little Star

  • Tuesday 11 Dec Tue 11 Dec
    Limited Availability
  • Tuesday 11 Dec Tue 11 Dec
    Limited Availability
  • Tuesday 11 Dec Tue 11 Dec
    Limited Availability

Tue 11 December 11.30am, 1pm & 2.30pm        Studio

Moon On A Stick

Little Star

A Star lit show for babies.

Meet Little Star as she swings from shooting stars, slides down crescent moons and bounces on fluffy clouds. Combining puppetry, music and captivating visuals, an intimate, relaxed setting makes this the perfect first theatre experiences for babies aged 6-18 months.

25-30 minutes with 10 minutes of playtime, audience will be sat on cushions and mats.

Tickets:1 adult and 1 baby: £6. Additional tickets: £5.


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