Time and Time Again


Tue 5 November 7.45pm        Studio

Pitchy Breath Theatre Company 

Time and Time Again...

Pitchy Breath present a collection of new short plays from local writers looking at our past, present and a future yet to come. Each of the plays is a winning entry in Pitchy Breath's 'What's Your Story?' playwriting competition held as part of the Horsham District Year of Culture. 

A Love-letter from the Time of Borderism to the Time of Nuclear Fallout
Written by Natasha Collie / Directed by Elodie Foray
A couple approaching their wedding day prepare their speeches but their minds are on bigger ideas.

Written by Keir Gilbert-Halladey / Directed by Tim Fifield
A playwright is visited by the Ghosts of Writer’s Block Past, Present and Future as they battle with their latest creation.

Gorgeous Like Something with Antlers
Written by Natasha Collie / Directed by Liam Cooper
If the love of your life begged for a second chance, would you take them back or stick with their best bits?

In Limbo
Written by Gaëlle Stark-Ordish / Directed by Ella Sowton
A life-changing decision brings four estranged friends back together.

Written by Elodie Foray / Directed by Bradley Barlow
One’s a star and the other’s a speck, but together they could change the universe forever…

Written by Izzy Radford / Directed by Tim Fifield
A delayed train makes two women form an unlikely duo on an empty platform.


Tickets: £13 (discounts: £11).

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