Mister Shakespeare

Tue 23 November 7.45pm        Studio

Mister Shakespeare

The In-Complete Works

London is dangerous in 1606. William Shakespeare is isolated in his rooms to avoid contagion,Rampant plague spreads death while bewildered citizens try any quack remedy to halt its progress. A suspicious king shaken by the recent gun-powder plot, sees plotters everywhere; a  wrong word risks imprisonment death or worse. Meanwhile, Mister Shakespeare is trying to cope.

Actors shout for new roles;  playwrights beg to collaborate;  his brother whines for help, his wife wants her marriage back; his lover wants ...love.  Ghostly voices to endure, reminding him of choices made when he abandoned home and family for life in the theatre, to a back-ground of demanding actors, wayward daughters, and those incessant church bells. Despite the clamour, he is inspired to write at least 3 of the master-pieces we know today, King Lear, Antony and Cleopatra and Macbeth.

In this new play by Michael Barry, brought to you by the team who created ‘The Eva Cassidy Story’,  we explore Shakespeare The Man, The Father, The Actor, and the entrepreneur a very human Shakespeare: ambitious, troubled, funny, loving, trying to make sense from the chaos around him: creating in confinement. An evocative depiction of Jacobean life, a tour de force of a performance.


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