A Frog Called Woanda

Wed 10 October 1.30pm        Studio

Théâtre sans Frontières and Théâtre à l'Envers

A Frog Called Woânda

Une grenouille qui s'appelle Woânda

Laura's mother is ill and she is being looked after by her grandfather. Whilst washing her paintbrushes in the bathroom, Laura drops her mother's ring down the sink. Up pops Woânda the frog and a series of adventures ensue as Laura and Woânda try to find the ring. Told through live action, puppetry, music and shadows this is a funny and touching story of love, loss and friendship.

An exciting new international collaboration between the UK and Montreal, Canada.

Suitable for ages 5-10. Performed in simple French.

Tickets: £8.50 (Child: £7)


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