The Truth/The Flats

Wed 25 April & Thu 26 April 7.45pm        Studio

Pitchy Breath Theatre

The Truth/The Flats

Two new plays written by Tim Fifield exploring one tower block and the people who live, visit and disappear from there.

The Truth

Mark is 59 - forced into early retirement with stress he passes his time listening to ‘80s records and observing to the nocturnal happenings outside his flat with increasing levels of anxiety. His life is small. It feels like he's waiting for something. Something not nice. Then it happens. The doorbell rings. Time stands still. In comes Toyah in all her wild, chaotic, and distracted glory, ready to confront the past.

The Flats

Billy Roberts went missing and for a while no-one noticed. Why would they? The lives of the inhabitants of the block simply known as ‘The Tower’ are far too busy to notice a simple, apparently carefree man who spends his days and nights quietly observing the frantic lives of those around him.

But Billy’s absence takes on a startling significance when a neighbour finds a note and the key to his flat.

***** "Brilliantly performed... intense in parts and humorous in others - highly recommended" on The Last Time We Saw You

Tickets: £12 (discounts: £10)

A Pitchy Breath (non-professional) production

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