Stories on a String

Sat 17 November 11am        Studio

Stories On A String

Journey into the heart of the rainforest with live Brazilian music, songs and puppetry.

The story starts in the bustling city of São Paulo and travels to the rain forest, where we meet some of the mythical creatures of the Amazon.

Jacina loves her phone.  Doesn't everyone like to be in constant contact with friends and know where they are all the time? But one day, Jacina's world is turned upside down when her grandma sends her on a quest to seek out her family roots in the Amazon Jungle. But there’s no WiFi in the rain forest. Jacina must rely on her eyes, her ears and her heart, as the mysterious creatures of the jungle reveal to her a new path home.

The show title is a literal translation of ‘literatura de cordel’ a form of Brazilian poetry performed to music, and printed booklets containing stories and handcut woodblock illustrations. These booklets are hung on strings on carts and sold at markets. The play begins with a city unfolding out of a cordel booklet, and during the play this 2D paper world transforms into a magical 3D world.

For ages 6+.

Tickets: £7 (Family of four: £26)


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Stories on a String