Abigail's Party

Sun 14 June 7pm        Amphitheatre


Mike Leigh’s

Abigail’s Party

“Like a little Bacardi to go with it, Tone?”

Laurence is work stressed and his braying wife Beverley, is not helping the situation. She has invited Ange and Tone over for drinks, fags and cheesy pineapples, as well as distressed neighbour Sue, whose teenage daughter Abigail is having a party. Tone’s better looking than Laurence and Beverley is sexier than Ange. Sue’s been sick and Ange gets drunk. Laurence is getting hot under the collar…

Do you remember Starsky & Hutch, platforms and flares, Margaret Thatcher, Sex Pistols and the Silver Jubilee? Mike Leigh’s witty & classic 1977 black comedy Abigail’s Party was voted number 66 in the National Theatre’s poll of the best 100 plays of the 20th Century.

Welcome to Beverley’s garden party at 13 Richmond Road! 

Tickets: £17.50

Cheesy pineapples for charity!  These will be available on the night for your delectation! - please give a donation to charity RISE, Brighton - Freedom from Abuse and Violence.


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