Economy of Ecology

Sat 22 September 7.45pm        Studio

Manic Chord in association with LittleMighty presents

Economy of Ecology

An urgent and provocative story about human relationships, communications and our impact on the natural world.

Scientist Steve is on a long haul flight. His partner has just left him. Travelling home on a crowded aeroplane across the Atlantic, he feels suddenly dislocated and alone. In a world of touch screens and social robots, he has lost the ability to make meaningful bonds with other people.

He makes a decision that will eventually force him to face his own inability to make a connection. He decides to talk to the nervous passenger sitting next to him.

In a forest thousands of miles away a sapling pokes its head through the leafy forest floor. Beneath the soil its roots begin to scramble for the one thing that guarantees its survival - a connection.

Blending stunning visuals and urgent storytelling, Economy of Ecology uncovers the power of human touch and the unexpected links between all things: from a man on an aeroplane who is scared of flying, to the underground fungal networks of Oregon's Blue Mountains.

Tickets: £16 (discounts: £14)


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