Daliso Chaponda

Sat 13 October 8pm        Studio

Daliso Chaponda: ‘What the African Said…’

‘Laugh after laugh after laugh’ Amanda Holden

‘My face is hurting from laughing’  Alisha Dixon

‘You should be a comedy super star’ David Walliams

‘I could see you hosting your own show' Simon Cowell

Britain’s Got Talent and Amanda Holden’s golden buzzer act comedian Daliso Chaponda on his debut stand up tour.

The Malawian born stand up captured the nation’s hearts and garnering over 8 million Facebook views and 9 million on Youtube.

Daliso Chaponda has lived in countries where the press is not allowed to criticize the government, and in others with no libel laws where they can say anything. A former  journalist and newsreader, he is the perfect comedian to discuss what the media has become, which he does in his hilarious new show.

The show is about recent news, old news, fake news, and stories that were never quite but were ALMOST news. It is also a show about the things we say to each other; gossip, tall stories and of course declarations of love.   

Suitable 16+

Tickets £17.50



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