Mind the Gap

  • Wednesday 19 Jun Wed 19 Jun
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Wed 19 June 7pm Studio

Mind the Gap

Have you ever wondered why Transport for London is so keen for you to mind the gap on the underground or why people always move so quickly as they step across to board the train? You might assume it's due to the dangers of the electrical currents or risks of injury. You'd be wrong.

The gap between the platform and the train is actually a gateway to an alternative London which TFL guard.

It's a London where Victoria still reigns, where Broadway songs play on loop in Ealing, where there is an elephant and a castle and a court ruled by a very cross king and let's not forget to mention the Angel at Islington...

Join performers from across Crawley for a trip to the ‘other London underground’ as we show the real reason you should ‘Mind the Gap’.

Tickets: £7 (child: £5) a portion of the ticket sales will be donated to the Mayor's charity.

A Crawley Festival (amateur) event

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