Rain Man

Bill Kenwright presents the inaugural Classic Screen to Stage Theatre Company with a production of Rain Man, which won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Actor for Hoffman. 

When self-centred salesman Charlie Babbitt discovers that he has a long-lost older brother, Raymond, who has inherited the family multimillion dollar fortune, he sets out to get 'his half'. Raymond is an autistic savant, has a remarkable memory and a genuis for numbers. 

Determined to get his hands on the money, Charlie 'borrows' Raymond from the institution where he has spent most of his life. As the two brothers embark on a trip across America, Charlie soon discovers that Rayond is worth more than he could ever have imagined. 

Following previously acclaimed adaptations of films for the stage such as The Exorcist, A Few Good Men and The Shawshank Redemtion, this will be the premiere production in a brand new series under the Classic Screen to Stage Company banner. 

Tickets: £34.50 - £27.50

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