Johnny Warmans - Mods and Rockers

Johnny Warman's - Mods and Rockers

Sat 25th May / 7:30pm / Theatre

Tickets: £14.50



The very best of the 60’s and 70’s

The Mods and Rockers Show, by Johnny Warman's Magic Bus, brings you the best musical years of our lives - the sixties and seventies.

The Mods and Rockers have made peace to celebrate one of the greatest eras in popular music.

So, whether you had a parka or a leather, or a scooter or a Norton, get ready for a night of pure entertainment from one of the best bands on the live circuit.



Rolling Stones

The Beatles

Small Faces

The Kinks

Jimi Hendrix

The Animals

The Zombies… and many more.


The Mods & Rockers Show features 4 World Class Musicians and Lead Vocalist Johnny Warman remembers 1964 when all the Mods & Rockers were fighting at Sea Side Resorts and back then it was the first decision that he ever made where he did not have to ask his mum or his Dad? and he chose The Mods & It was a pivotal year for Johnny as the School Choir that he sang in was picked to perform in the Opera's "Pagliachi" as street urchins and in "Tosca" as little monks? at The Royal Opera House Covent Garden with Maria Callas and Tito Gobbi who at that time were the greatest Opera Singers in the World but Johnny did not have a clue who they were? but Johnny remembers looking out at the Royal Box with all the roses around it and thinking "I like this and I wonder if I could do this later on in my life?"

That same year a neighbor had a spare ticket for The Beatles and asked if Johnny would like to go? 2 years previous as an 11 year old in 1962 he was making his way home from school when he heard a sound coming from another school that pulled him like a lemming and he remembers standing transfixed in front of a Red Dansette Record Player and the EP record that was playing was "Love Me Do" which was one of their first hits and Johnny cannot remember how he got home !!! On the night he saw the Beatles at The Finsbury Park Astoria he remembers seeing Freddie and The Dreamers Cilla Black Rolf Harris and The Foremost and his main memory was the screaming girls going crazy but he saw all of The Beatles through the body shapes and thinking how exciting it all was but not quite understanding why??

When Jimi Hendrix came along he knew that he wanted to be a Rock Star and he saw Jimi three times and one of the Concerts had Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett so Johnny started to learn to play Guitar. The Beatles have had a huge influence throughout his career as Johnny as a 19 year old was in a Band called "Bearded Lady" which had a huge following especially at The Marquee and in 1976 allowed "The Jam" to open for them.

Johnny decided to go Solo as his band members were more interested in their jobs and Johnny knew what he wanted to do and the first deal he had was with Ringo Starr. He made his first album at Tittenhurst Park where John Lennon recorded "Imagine" and it was released at The Planetarium in Hamburg to great critical acclaim but not many sales. Johnny never gave up and then signed to Elton Johns Rocket Records and recorded with Peter Gabriel and all of his musicians and the finished Album "Walking Into Mirrors" was critically acclaimed and sold over a 100,000 copies and a Top Ten Hit in Australia and tours in Portugal Sweden Holland and Belgium but the strangest thing was that he started that album on December 8th 1980 the day John Lennon was assassinated. Johnny always stayed in touch with Ringo and he was invited to write 4 songs with him in Monaco in 1992 and 3 of those made it onto Ringo's "Time Takes Time" CD. Johnny was back stage at Wembley at an Elton John Concert when he met  George Harrison and Johnnys greatest regret was being asked by George to write with him but not following it through??

Johnny met Paul a couple of times at Air Studios with George Martin but I never met John. However, I slept in his bed with a circular mirror 6 feet above the bed and John and Yoko on all the plugs and the busts that are on The Sgt. Pepper Album Cover were each side of the front door and a crushed blue Bentley that belonged to John. Over the door was a glass pane signed by Yoko Ono that stated "This is not here" I was in Heaven. I would eventually write songs with Don Black Tim Rice and one of my biggest mentors was Mickie Most who tried to sign me many times but stupid people got in the way. 

When I was out of contract with Elton John Mickie invited me to write songs at Rak Records his studio and one day I knew that he was behind me listening and he said" You should stick at that song as it is really good" He was not wrong as he really knew his stuff and it was recorded by "STARSHIP" and sold over half a million copies in the United States and got Johnny his first Gold Disc.

Johnny remembers all the emotions feelings and sounds of The Sixties as he has been a professional musician all his life so now he gives those songs new life with total commitment and passion as he has a World Class Band. Marcus Flynn is one of the greatest Lead Guitarists in the World and has some of his playing on a Beyonce album and he was praised by Brain May. Richard Willoughby a sensational drummer opened for Bruce Springsteen and The Foo Fighters in the USA performing in The Harley Davidson Band and was personally congratulated by Dave Grohl for his outstanding abilities as a drummer. Steve Tilling has it all as a complete musician. He moves like a Tiger and you cannot keep your eyes off of him. He sings like an Angel and his bass playing is simply the best..

This music changed me and I still enjoy every second of performing the Soundtrack of my Life as without these bands and especially The Beatles I cannot imagine how my life would have been. Come and see us on Saturday 25th May and I guarantee that you for well over 2 hours we will give you the best 60's Music time of your lives !!! 

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