Three Billy Goats Gruff

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Thur 20th Feb / 2pm / Theatre

Tickets: £13.50


On a grassy hillside, in the middle of the country, there lived THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF! 
They never stopped eating and before long they had eaten everything they could get their hooves on! The only option is to go looking for more food. 

So hold on to your horns and join the three billy goats on their adventure as they bravely cross the rickety bridge to greener pastures. But who will they meet along the way as they TRIP TRAP over the bridge?

With catchy songs and dances to clap along to, Lost The Plot Theatrical are proud to present this interactive, family fun show! The perfect half-term treat for little ones and the big kids that bring them!

A trip-trapping musical adventure.

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