Naturally 7

Naturally 7

Tues 26th Feb / 7:30pm / Theatre

Tickets: £26.50

N7 ConcertPromoSuperDad from Kalvin Mitchell on Vimeo.


Naturally 7’s musical journey from Michael Bublé, Coldplay, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Phil Collins, Ludacris, Mahalia Jackson to Queen....and guaranteed no instruments-just voices. Quincy Jones: "The best a-cappella-group in the world..."

For Naturally 7, the turning point came in the Autumn of 2007. From quiet success all over Europe they have been propelled onto the world stage, performing before millions of people. As the special guest of Canadian Superstar Michael Bublé, Naturally 7 have been met with standing ovations nightly in the US, Europe, the U.K., Canada, Australia, China, South-East Asia, South America, South Africa, and many other countries on 5 continents.

It was 2009 when the group truly hit the ground running. In January they played to a packed house at London’s legendary club Pigalle, which included a number of famous faces – Coldplay’s Chris Martin, legendary musician and producer Brian Eno. The next day, by invitation the group joined Coldplay and Eno in the studio. From the UK, Naturally 7 travelled to California, where they performed at the prestigious TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference, receiving a standing ovation. “Perhaps the most memorable presentation involved Naturally 7, a group of seven musicians who practice something they call “Vocal Play”. It’s hard to describe their act other than saying each of them used their voices in unison to recreate a different musical instrument from drums to brass instruments to guitars. They made beatboxing look like child’s play. Their Wall of Sound-song, earned them a standing ovation.” (Daniel Sieberg/CBS News).

In May 2008 they made their national U.S. Television debut on “ELLEN“ and joined Bublé for a guest appearance on “The Today Show“. Shortly thereafter, they opened for Jay Leno in Las Vegas and performed at his ‘Tonight Show’, were guests on Tavis Smiley, performed at NARM, helped celebrate Quincy Jones’ 75th Birthday in Montreux and greeted a hometown crowd at Madison Square Garden. Another highlight followed, when they were invited to the renowned “Royal Variety Performance“- Television-show in London, capping the evening off, by meeting His Royal Highness Prince Charles.

With their rich harmonies, an unbelievable ability to replicate instruments and a stage presence that can be felt in every seat of the house, Naturally 7, the first VocalPlay group ever, are amazing, charming fans where ever they perform. Today, Naturally 7 are Roger Thomas (musical director, arranger, 1st Baritone, Rap), Warren Thomas (percussion, guitar, clarinet, 3rd tenor) Rod Eldridge (1st tenor, scratching, trumpet), Ricky Cort (4th Tenor, guitar), Dwight Stewart (2nd baritone, vocals, trumpet), Garfield Buckley (2nd Tenor, Harmonica) and “Kelz” Mitchell (Bass)


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