Goldilocks & The Three Bears & The Mayor of Porridgeton

Goldilocks & The Three Bears & The Mayor of Porridgeton

Thur 18th Apr / 3pm / Theatre

Tickets: £11.50 & £9.50 Concessions


The Panto Bus Ltd is proud to present their latest theatre production Goldilocks, The Three Bears & The Mayor Of Porridgeton. 
For years and years no – one has entered Bear Wood by order of The Mayor...... For something or someone lives deep within the woods that is no friend to the people of Porridgeton! One summer morning Goldilocks, being as curious as ever, decides she is going to find out for herself exactly who or what is in the woods. So she sets off into the woods where she comes across a hidden cottage....... 

Upon knocking the door and getting no reply she realises no one is home so she decides to take a peek inside. Once inside she looks around and can hardly believe her eyes.... Three very differently sized chairs..... Three very differently sized beds..... And what’s that delicious smell? Three very differently sized bowls of porridge....”mmmmm my favourite” says Goldilocks...... It is here our adventure really begins. 

Goldilocks meets The Three bears and a whole host of new characters such as Spooner the sappy delivery boy, Eddie the gremlin and of course The Mayor Of Porridgeton.... Who may not be all he seems! 

The Panto Bus has taken one of the nation’s favourite fairy tale stories and added a brand new adventure that is fun for the whole family. Children and adults alike will all recognise their favourite parts of this tale and with bright costumes, scenery and a whole heap of music, dancing not to mention some fun and laughter along the way.... This show is sure to have you singing and dancing in your seats.... And maybe all the way home too! 

So come along and join us for what is sure to be the most exciting Goldilocks adventure yet!


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