Jimmy Jones-The Guvnor's Farewell Tour

Jimmy Jones - The Guvnor's Farewell Tour 

Sunday 24th January 2021 / 7:30pm / Theatre

Tickets £21.50

Over 6 decades, Jimmy Jones paved the way for many of today's well known comics - most of whom still revere him as The Guvnor. 

His celebrity 'fans' include Royalty, ex-Rolling Stone Bill Wyman, famous former England soccer stars, the heaviest of heavy metal bands and a plethora of TV & Film actors. His stellar career has been a journey that has taken him all over the UK and Europe, to a Las Vegas residency and a one man solo show at The London Palladium. 

Whilst in America, he was once on an LA radio phone in and the first caller wanting to speak to him was, old friend Dudley Moore.....the radio show host was speechless!! 

Having just turned 82, his videos still sell in their thousands and Jimmy still has his audiences crying for more on the very few one off shows that he performs. 

Now, with the support of long time friend and fellow comic Mickey Pugh, Jimmy is starting The Guvnor's Farewell Tour, a tour which includes him returning to The Hazlitt Theatre. Jimmy says, “Coming to The Hazlitt again after all of these years is truly exciting and I can’t wait to see all of my old friends in Maidstone.”


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