Half A Sixpence

Half a Sixpence

Tues 11th Sept - Fri 14th Sept / 7:30pm / Theatre

Sat 15th Sept / 2:30pm & 7:30pm / Theatre

Tickets: £16 & £14 Concessions


Following their recent productions of West Side Story and Little Shop of Horrors, Kent Musical Theatre Society return to the Hazlitt Theatre for their fifth consecutive year with Half a Sixpence!


Kipps and Ann were childhood friends. When they were parted as children, Kipps cut a sixpence in half and told Ann to look at it whenever she missed him. Years later, Kipps is working as an apprentice in a draper’s shop in Folkestone. Ann arrives in the town, looking for him. They meet and re-kindle their childhood friendship. Then everything changes. Kipps meets Chitterlow – an eccentric actor/playwright – and finds out that he has inherited a fortune. He leaves the shop and is drawn into high society. He meets and falls in love with Helen Walsingham. They get engaged but Ann finds out before Kipps has a chance to tell her. She tells him that she never wants to see him again and is furious and upset at how he has treated her. But Kipps isn’t happy in high society and with the changes it forces upon him. After a showdown with Helen’s tyrannical mother, Mrs Walsingham, he calls off the engagement with Helen, realising it is Ann he loves, and he begs Ann to take him back. She does and they marry and start a new life with Kipps’ fortune. But all is not well. Ann just wants a simple life without all the trappings that Kipps’ money has brought with it. The money just causes rows between them. It looks as though their marriage won’t survive until Kipps learns that his financial adviser, Helen’s brother, has speculated all his money away and there is nothing left. Kipps and Ann are reconciled, realising that all that matters is that they have each other. In a surprising twist, Kipps comes into money again, but this time he realises that love is more important and has been all along.



A Musical based on the novel KIPPS by H G Wells

Book by Beverley Cross

Music and Lyrics by David Heneker

New Version by Warner Brown

Lyrics for "A Normal Working Day", "My Heart's Out There (What Should I

Feel?)", "This Is It", "Be Determined", "The Cricket Match", "No Need Of

Economy", "Finesse", "That's What Money's For" and "What Should I

Feel?" by Warner Brown

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with

Music Theatre International (Europe)


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