Fri 1st Nov / 7:30pm / Exchange Studio

Tickets: £15.50*

Orphan - touring Spring 2019 from Black Dog Productions on Vimeo.


'I Never Had A Chance, They'd Made Up Their Mind About Me From The Moment They Opened That Door And Found Me Bawling On The Step.'

A small town in Georgia: a nameless Orphan returns to the place where he was raised hoping that he can cauterize the wound that has been festering in him since he was a child. His friend Patience is brought along, on the grounds that she might find some sense of closure. When they bump into their old Caretaker who has information about their dark past, Orphan’s true motives start to become clear and Patience begins to lose control. Are sins ever forgiven? Or do sins simply beget more sins?

Orphan is Black Dog's first feature length play and Russell Eccleston's third piece of writing for the company. It premiered at The Mission Theatre in Bath in April this year and the response they're received was overwhelming.

Co produced by the wickedly talented Beyond The Horizon Theatre Company.

'A beautifully crafted play, superbly acted' - The Mission

*16+ age guideline due to some graphic content including blood and adult themes


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